Quest is a S.T.E.A.M. school, therefore science is a large part of our curriculum. At Quest middle school, students begin their life as a scientist by using the Summit Learning Platform that is cross curricular among all subjects. Students learn through self-directed study, projects, and student-led activities. Summit has high emphasis on goal setting, learning cognitive skills, and focusing on science content. Once Quest scholars are in 9th grade, they continue to use Summit for biology. Students investigate the ecosystems, global warming and climate change, and evolution and genetics. They also get their first dissection experience on a dogfish shark. After passing biology, students are required to take Chemistry. In Chemistry, students continue to develop their laboratory skills. After Chemistry students can determine if they would rather take a life science pathway or phyiscal science pathway. Course offerings in the life science pathway are anatomy and physiology, microbiology, and forensic science. Course offerings in the physical science pathway are physics and environmental science.