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Urgent, please be advised if you have received an email from any person with the email asking you to DocuSign a document please delete the email and do not proceed with logging in to the site. This email was not sent by any actual member of Quest and is linked to an illegitimate site that is after your email credentials, if you have logged in to the link and logged in via the email that was sent please reach out to or call 309 322 0301 to report.


Students start their journey as mathematicians at Quest Middle School. At the Middle School, students learn via the Summit Learning Platform. The platform is cross curricular among all subjects. In the math curriculum, students learn through self-directed study, portfolio projects, and a variety of interactive activities. Here at Quest four years of math are required in order to graduate high school. A typical student will take Algebra 1 their freshman year, Geometry their sophomore year, and Algebra 2 their junior year. For their senior year, students are able to choose between three courses, Business Math, Pre Calculus, or Statistics, so they can get a glimpse into what math might be required in their college and careers. Despite being on a block schedule, we also provide freshmen students with an opportunity to hone in on their math skills by taking a five-day-a-week Algebra 1 class. We also give upperclassmen the chance to take advantage of dual credit classes with our partnership with Illinois Central College. Through their four years at Quest, students will be given the skills needed to succeed in their post-secondary education.