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As a school community, this year academic rigor was addressed. This meant re-examining our curriculum for each course. Staff with content specialists wrote curriculum and then held themselves accountable not only for what and when they taught (scope and sequence) their curriculum but also how they taught (rigor) the curriculum. Content specialists provided feedback on observed teacher lessons periodically to affirm content consistency. All students were placed in support or enriched classes this year based on their individual formative and summative data. Once placed, weekly student progress monitoring occurred. Students were under stringent eligibility criteria to attend extra-curricular activities and promotion to the next grade level. Also, based on each student’s quarterly growth they were reassigned to their RTI support classes and tutoring or enriched Chomp class. This very close monitoring of student data and class assignments increased our overall student academic growth in all quadrants.

Our schools are staffed with talented and dedicated professionals. These professionals are to be commended for going above and beyond to provide students with an outstanding education. Quest Charter Academy continues to play an essential role in transforming the education of hundreds of students each year. The many additional opportunities and advantages that Quest Charter Academy offers students and families makes it a crucial learning environment. It also helps to support the quality of life and standards in our Peoria community.

We thank Mrs. Barton and the many individuals and businesses who continue to support Quest. Likewise, we are also grateful to all who have contributed their time, talents and resources.



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