Strategy One

School Structure - Day and Calendar

Results Statements

  1. Alter the Quest school calendar to incorporate a year round configuration for school year 2017-18.  The configuration will adhere to the current 185 student attendance days with 202 teacher attendance days.
  2. Restructure the high school daily schedule to promote a more positive culture and maximize student achievement.
  3. Restructure the middle school day to promote a more positive culture and maximize student achievement.
  4. Restructure the professional growth calendar for teachers. 

Smart Goal

Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year Quest will reconfigure school structures to achieve the Quest  vision, ensure customer satisfaction and meet District #150 achievement goals as measured through: 1) lottery application numbers, 2) re-enrollment numbers, 3) test scores, 4) grades, 5) behavioral statistics (#s of discipline referrals, suspensions, expulsions), and 6) college acceptance percentages.


  1. Determine a year round configuration that best fits Quest.
  2. Implement a later start time for students.
  3. Reschedule advisory period and incorporate a flex hour.
  4. Reduce the number of HS classes from 9 to 7/day.
  5. Add an RtI Coach to maintain data and deliver interventions.
  6. Integrate more PE activities into the school day.
  7. Incorporate a daily collaboration, common planning, and PD for teachers. 

Tangible and Intangible Benefits

  1. Higher retention of learning.
  2. Higher test scores.
  3. Higher attendance rate and less tardies.
  4. Less teacher stress and turnover.
  5. More cohesive curriculum.
  6. Increased staff communication and planning.
  7. Increased positive school culture.

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